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Website Essentials

Domain Registration

Domain Names

​Let us get you started on the Internet by finding the perfect domain name.

Choose from a variety of domain name extensions like .com, .org, .net, .in

If you are looking for an uncommon extension like .site, .blog or, even .recipes we have that as well.

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Shared Hosting

​Want to host your blog or, your website?

​The hosting provider you choose is going to be one of the most important decisions you would make for your website.

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Our Shared Hosting plans are not only affordable, they also come with a host of features and benefits and is available in both Windows and Linux based plans.

Website Security Express

Website Security

​With the internet expanding, the security risks are also increasing.

Don't leave your websites to unreliable hosting service providers and expose them to the huge risk of hackers and malwares.

We have comprehensive security solutions that not only protect your websites but also takes care of any untoward situation that arises in the worst case scenarios.

Pick your security package now and give yourself and your website the security in needs.

Getting Started?
Come, Let us Put You on the Internet

Your journey on the Internet starts with a Domain Name for your Website.

We can help you register Your first Domain Name on the Internet.

If you know the domain name you want to register, go ahead and pick one of the extensions and register it right away.

We have a wide variety of extensions that you can register from - .com, .org, .net, .in and much more...

​If a common domain extension is not what you are looking for, we have a variety of other extensions liked .academy, .site, . blog and so on.

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Finding the Right Domain Name - The Guide 

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Your Domain Name is Your Identity on the Internet..

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​Registered You Domain Name? It's time to get Your Hosting!

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Planning to run a Blog? Then Wordpress is the way to go...


Managed Wordpress Hosting Sol​utions

Now blog worry-free and leave all your wordpress updates, backups and security to us. We take care of all of that so that you focus on just one thing - BLOGGING.

​Managed Wordpress hosting is best for people who do not want to spend a lot of time maintaining and managing their Wordpress blogs.

PLUS, they get the advantage of speed, space and simplicity.

Need to run multiple blogs or, websites with more diskspace?

shared hosting

shared hosting plans  & solutions

Shared hosting plans give you the flexibility to host multiple websites on the same server.

It also provides you more diskspace and a host of other features like MySQL databases, PhpMyAdmin access, CPanel access at affordbale prices

Want more control over your servers and host a high-traffic website?

dedicated servers

​dedicated servers and virtual private servers

​Have a high traffic website that you want to host or, are you planning to host an eCommerce website?

With our dedicated servers you get more flexibility on how and what you want to run on the servers.

Pick every component as per your choice and get more control over your servers.

​Want us to Install Your Wordpress Blog for You?

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